Johnny Cash needs more than 4 hours, but what can you do

Putting together this 4 part series on Johnny Cash, it felt like Joyride Media went through adolescence and landed squarely in adulthood. Not that we became mature, but it sure was trial by fire.  It was silly to try to encapsulate Cash in 4 hours, so we picked a few ideas and followed them as far as time allowed.  Many more Cash specials were made over the years, they’ll appear here soon.

cash legend cover


The first stage diving, rambling, bootlegging…country star.

Charlie Poole was the original rock star, but 40 years too early.  He sold hundreds of thousands of records at a time when records were just becoming a household item.  He spent much of his time drifting, smuggling, working at textile mills and going on wild benders.  Poole was supposed to head to Hollywood in 1931, but drank himself to death before he could head west.  Kinney Rorer wrote a fun book about him, hard to get but worth it.

This program is hosted by the talented singer/songwriter Laura Cantrell.  poolecover_medium